1) Kone : Forever
2) The Log.OS : L_v_ls (Live)
3) Gunshae : Secret Name Pt. 1 (Live)
4) MAST : Gone But Not Forgotten|
5) Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca : Spoken Word Interlude 1 (Live)
6) Oicho : Snaptoo feat. Juliana Snapper
7) Gunshae : Secret Name Pt. 2 (Live)
8) The Log.OS : Nascent (Live)
9) Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca : Interlude 2 (Live)

Available: February 27, 2014

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As notorious for its beat scene as its movie stars, Los Angeles was the home to the 2013 edition of the Konspiracy Group’s Pan Ambient series. A travelling event series showcasing the best a city has to offer in ambient, downtempo and experimental music, it has inspired a series of compilation releases on TKG Music, celebrating the artists that push the edges of music and represent the unique flavour of their city.

After nearly a decade of shows in cities like Tokyo, San Francisco and Atlanta, it seems fitting to compile ambient and downtempo music based from the city where Philip Marlowe set his great and most languid novel, “The Big Sleep;” Los Angeles. If LA icons Daddy Kev and the Gaslamp Killer brought you Low End Theory, the Pan Ambient Angeles event showcase spent a warm August Sunday evening bringing you Slow End Theory.

TKG Music’s release of Pan Ambient Angeles comprises two different sets of music from the participants in the event – live recordings and studio productions. There’s brand new studio material from top-ranking LA producers Kone, Mast and Oicho.

KONE has spent the last several years putting on parties, releasing his own music, steadily remixing a vast array of artists, rocking up and down the West Coast and New York City and always digging for records along the way. Rooted in East Hollywood for the last decade, KONE is a native Angeleno poised to do his hometown proud. And even if you’ve never heard the name, you’ve probably heard the sounds; KONE’s tracks were played at Low End Theory long before he ever did.

Kone has contributed “Forever.”

Tim Conley is the jazz musician, composer and producer behind MAST. Mast draws together different sonic elements and channels them out through intense live performances incorporating crushing beats, live guitar and keyboards with a composers mind and a jazz musicians desire for exploring new improvisational realms. Mast is most known for his main collaborative project with RYAT who released her latest record on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label June 2012. With RYAT, Tim has collaborated on 3 LPs and toured extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. He is also known as a virtuoso guitarist and has toured w/ Grammy award winning Digable Planets and recorded with the likes of King Britt, the Icy Demons and Grimace Federation (Aesop Rock).

Mast has contributed “Gone But Not Forgotten.”

A true engineer of artistic evolution with a list of credentials as long as a laser beam, OICHO aka David Harrow/James Hardway/Technova has been neck-deep in the electronic arts for the greater part of his life. This multi-talented producer has been based in Los Angeles for the last 10 years, scoring independent movies and working quietly in the background of this cities emerging electronic music scene, with artists such as DJ Kentaro, Jakes, BusDriver and Nocando. Elusive yet always on the cutting edge, David has been making records since 1984. Producing, performing, remixing and arranging for the likes of the Orb, ATR, Anne Clark, Lee Perry and Dreadzone amongst many others.this busy artist has been flipping fat beats all over the world in a wide variety of sounds and styles for decades. From defining new wave classics and moody dance music to hard-hitting techno and swinging Drum n Bass, David Harrow has left an indelible mark on electronic arts culture and brought together artists and fans with his keen production skills.

Oicho has contributed “Snaptoo featuring Juliana Snapper.”

There is also live material recorded at the Pan Ambient Angeles event, and mastered by The Sight Below’s Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Gunshae (pronounced Gun-shai) is the Panambient project of Canadian dubstep pioneer, Kuma, and renowned Oboist and DJ, Lady Eve. Bridging a gap between two very distinct contemporary practices, Gunshae is what happens when a classically trained musician and a veteran DJ and producer with a thing for improvising jam on the sound of stuff and things.

For this recording, Gunshae were Kuma, Lady Eve and Mast; and have contributed live versions of “Secret Name Pt. 1” and “Secret Name Pt. 2”

The Log.0s is the open-ended experiment and creative handle of Los Angeles-based musician Ken Barrientos. The first album (entitled, unspeakably: λόγος) was self-released quietly via tumblr; resulting in viral recognition. The album includes vocals from Iman Omari, Nikko Gray, Ty Dolla Sign,
and Bilal. Self-described as post-genre, the music evokes a washed-out blend of elements – from ambient soundscapes and post-rock/shoegaze to rnb/soul and pop. Bleak and dark as it is warm and human, and somehow as sparse and spacious as it is involved. Critics have likened his production to that of Massive Attack, SBTRKT, Burial, and James Blake.

The Log.0s have contributed live versions of “Nascent” and “L_v_ls”

Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca is a visual artist/writer working in various mediums including digital, writing, drawing and photography. His artwork is exhibited in art galleries around the world, including Parco Museum in Tokyo, Japan and the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, Japan. His writing is published in literary journals, magazines, books and anthologies including Dance the Guns to Silence. His photography is published in various art books including Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents. He collaborates visually with Detroit Techno record labels Los Hermanos and Jeff Mills’ Axis Records; Francois K.’s dub label Deep Space; and others.

Gustavo has contributed live versions of his poetry, backed by members of Gunshae. His artwork (produced live at the Pan Ambient Angeles event) is the cover art for TKG Music 010.