Track listing:
1) Hong Kong Soap Operas : So Long Sibelius
2) Fieldhead : All Boxes
3) Fieldhead : Introductions (Blim Remix)
4) Gunshae : Tony, Maggie and Faye (Bristolian Uptown Winds)
5) Tomas Jirku : One Thousand And One Nights
6) Lady Eve : Lotus Land ft Graham Colin

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For those of us at The Konspiracy Group, ‘Global atmospheres for new millennia’ is a excellent definition of what the Pan Ambient event series represents.

Ambient, electro acoustic, experimental, call it what you will. A rising creative consciousness is inspiring musicians and artists from all over the world to engage in creative collaboration and we are proud of our panambienteers for forging the path. We love this music, because it gives a home to the unclassifiable and the sounds and textures of this universal fabric.

With this second release in our series of compilations showcasing Pan Ambient events, we return to Vancouver and focus on the participants of the Pan Ambient Dim Sum who ask the simple question, what would Wong Kar Wai do?

Everything in this collection was either recorded live or is based off of music performed live at the Pan Ambient Dim Sum, held August 7th, 2011 at Blim in Vancouver.

Hong Kong Soap Opera is the side project of Adrian Yee, guitarist in Vancouver math rockers, The Barcelona Chair. “So Long, Sibelius” is his refraction of looped bass and orchestral deliriousness through a kaleidoscope once owned by John Cage as a small child.

Fieldhead is P.Elam. He produces ambient/electronic music that delights in tape hiss, geography, bleak landscapes and decaying analogue loops. “All Boxes” and “Introductions (Blim Remix)” invoke the glorious peaks of Cascadia and Manchester via shimmering tones, a mysterious guitar and fractured synth pulses.

Gunshae is the Pan Ambient project of Kuma and Lady Eve, joined here as a quartet by Shawn Earle and Pari Kishi. “Tony, Maggie and Faye” is the soundtrack to what Wong Kar Wai dreams about at night, a drifting woodwind fantasia pinned down by a nagging bass riff, opiated vocals and an enveloping drone.

Tomas Jirku has been creating innovative techno since the late nineties and also enjoys fishing. “One Thousand and One Nights” takes it down a notch with a low-slung ambient dub excursion that invokes Muslimgauze as much as it does Basic Channel.

Lady Eve is the founder and curator of the Pan Ambient series. “Lotus Land” is her Cascadian anthem, a lush ambient piece reminiscent of cloud-watching on a summer’s day, lulled wax poetic while eating poppadums.