1) Mine 06:41
2) Mine (Rites Of Spring Version 06:41
3) Mine (Connect_icut Remix) 11:35
4) Mine (Smallbearsound Dub) 05:14

If the title of John Cale’s biography was “What’s Welsh For Zen?” then this EP is a sonic answer to the question that bugs most people north of the 49th parallel: What’s Canadian For Zen?

Kuma’s “Mine” EP is his first release since the Canadian dubstep pioneer’s 2013’s ONLYEVERFWD EP and something we’ve been sitting on for a while. Some things just have to live on dubplate forever. Some things you also try and get vocalled by some of North America’s finest vocalists (Shouts to Kemst, Chadio and Kat). Some things just need to age appropriately to remind you just how unique they are.

“Mine” was mastered by Josh Stevenson at Otic Sound in Vancouver. Josh used to be in Jackie-O Motherfucker and makes amazing music as Magnetic Ring.

Good things sometimes come to those to wait, there’s also an album coming after this.

“Mine” is a love song. It’s a love song for Kuma’s birthplace, Bristol, a town that’s done a few things musically. It’s a love song to Sapporo and its towers of glass and neon that were a major influence to Kuma in his early days. It’s also a love song to the sounds and the substance that he came up on: Coil, Scorn and early Tempa.

There’s four songs on the EP and Kuma says they go something like this:


Bristol bass meets early Velvets in a Cascadian Rain Forest. Dusk and Blackdown liked it enough to play it on Rinse FM just prior to Trim making an unexpected appearance on their show. It’s traditional Kuma drums, Shackleton-esque percussion and Horsepower vibes via Detroit. It swings just enough to make you sway and with a bass line that that grinds and the strings that take you up, you’re moving only ever forward.

Mine (Rites Of Spring Version):

The name of this version is just as much a reference to the hardcore band as it is the Stravinsky Ballet. The original version of “Mine” was written is 2008, this remix was done in 2015. Less abstract, more formal rhythms and field recordings from some lost nights in Las Vegas. People kept asking for something more straight ahead, so this is what you get. Be careful what you wish for.

Mine (Connect_icut Remix)

Vancouver glitch pastorialist Connect_icut has had a longstanding relationship with the Konspiracy Group family over the years. Gunshae have remixed him more than once and Connect_icut has performed as part of the Pan Ambient Series at Seattle’s Decibel Festival. Few people have channelled a love of The Fall, My Bloody Valentine and Oval in quite such a unique fashion. Sam’s taken “Mine” in a very special direction. It’s possibly the most dance floor thing he’s has ever done, yet it’s something closer to the spastic mummers dance of Windowlicker than a traditional UK Garage tune.

Mine (Smallbearsound Dub)

This remix of “Mine” is the first sampling of Kuma’s new project, Smallbearsound. Stripping out the drums and pitching everything down, the SBS mix is an ambient excursion, an ocean of sound in a David Toop style. There’s more mysterious field recordings, live guitar that’s been dubbed out and the original tune’s densely packed sub bass lines. This isn’t one for your computer speakers but may appeal to the Earth enthusiast in you.