Pari kishi

Location: Hong Kong/Vancouver
Affiliation: The Konspiracy Group
Style: Bass Music, Deep House, Ambient

Born in Bristol, United Kingdom, Pari Kishi’s love for music began when she first heard Jungle and Breakbeat hardcore on a Pirate Radio station. Searching for a medium of expression that would complement her artistic nature, the rhythmically complex and instrumental nature of Jungle and Drum and Bass fell in line with her creative personality -which, has become the focus of her high impact sets today. A move to Hong Kong in the mid-nineties furthered Pari’s love for Drum and Bass thanks to the city’s vibrant music scene. It was there she began a path that now integrates the methods she picked up from her Hong Kong days into a musical and expressive journey. Currently applying her touch to multiple studio projects, expect original music showcasing a diverse undercurrent of bass flavors, topped off with Pari’s own distinct vocal styles.


Control Tower (Drum And Bass)
Colchester Castle(Drum And Bass)