Pan Ambient PDX

For its 10 year anniversary, the Pan Ambient event series hosts the stellar talent of Portland alongside our Pacific Rim family in Canada and Mexico. Together for an evening of ambient and experimental music that will cross the boundaries between classical and electronic creation. Since the inception of the Pan Ambient series, the annual event has been connecting artists from around the globe, through collaboration in music and visual arts. Expect the unexpected.

Alberta Abbey
126 NE Alberta, Portland Oregon
August 29, 2014
show 7pm
doors 6:30pm

LIVE A/V by:
Fax (Static Discos, Mexicali)
Unrecognizable Now : Marcus Fischer & Matthew Jones (unrecnow, PDX)
Gunshae (TKG Music, Vancouver BC)
No Parades (Lifelike Family, PDX)
The OO Ray (15 people, PDX)


Rubén Alonso Tamayo is one of the most prolific electronic music producers in México, and his musical career has already spanned over a decade. FAX was one of the first Mexican artists invited to play the MUTEK festival in Montreal, after Murcof, in 2004. Since then, he has graced the stages of DECIBEL Festival in Seattle, Communikey in Boulder Colorado, Benicassim in Spain and many events in México and clubs throughout the international circuit. He makes his debut in Portland, OR for the 10th anniversary of the Pan Ambient series, joining forces with Gunshae’s oboist, Lady Eve to perform their collaboration The New Rage (which premiered at Mutek México in 2013). As well as performing new solo material, FAX’s The New Rage delivers a richly tonal and harmonic soundscape that evokes a story of the heart.


are a Portland, Oregon duo that mixes live instrumentation with laptops and electronics to create unique music often described as cinematic. Each song is constructed from bits of found sounds and basement recordings reworked to form cohesive compositions. Guitars mix with sine waves, drumbeats are built from chance sounds and stuttering delays while melodies float in and out of focus. The songs move fluidly from one place to another, evolving and never returning to where they started. The two members of the group, Marc Fischer and Matt Jones, rely heavily on their skills as multi-instrumentalists and improvisors for both recordings and live performances. The Pan Ambient PDX performance marks their first live show in over 2 years.


(pronounced Gun-shai) is the Pan Ambient project of Canadian dubstep pioneer, Kuma and renowned oboist and DJ, Lady Eve. Together for the first time live in 3 years, they combine classical training with live improvisation and electronics. Tossing aside classical music’s obsession with adherence to the written score and live electronic performance’s stereotype of one guy behind a laptop checking his email, both members of Gunshae have been known to start the show on stage and finish up in the audience. Gunshae are not your average sound art duo or ambient performance act. Each performance is completely unique, site/audience specific and completely devoted to embracing the moment.


is a member of the Lifelike Family, who continue to push the ambient movement in Portland, Oregon. Their studio albums are longform drone pieces which draw inspiration from sleep, electric current, and love.


is the alias of Ted Laderas, an improvisatory and experimental cellist from Portland, Oregon. A scientist of biologic systems by day, he extends his experimental attitude to exploring the outer possibilities of the cello, often distorting, looping, or pitch-shifting his instrument beyond recognizability into waves of reverberation and extended drones. Inspired by the gauzy textures of My Bloody Valentine, he calls his style “shoegazer cello” or “chamber drone”. His music explores the realms of electro acoustic, shoegazer, and ambient music.