Pan Ambient Angeles

The 9th annual Pan Ambient live event series (2013), featuring the best of LA and beyond!

Join the Pan Ambient mothership crew for a unique evening of ambient and downtempo music, experimental drones, chill out vibes, and the electro acoustic sounds of now.

It’s an evening of the slow end theory..

Lineup includes live PA performances from:

Gunshae (Vancouver/Cancun)

Kone (LA)


The Log.os (LA)

Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca (spoken word, live art)

Visuals by Oicho:

Tune in on Pan Ambient FM for details and music by featured musicians. Underground Radio London

promo design : homage to Pete Namlook’s XXVI Urban Meditation

For its 9th year, the Pan Ambient event series takes a turn to Southern California, focusing light and sound through the prism that is the eyes and ears of Los Angeles. This is a study in slow end theory bringing together the finest that the left coast has to offer. Over the course of this evening we’ll touch on everything from chopped and screwed sounds to the deepest jazz odyssey and leap from lush electronics to cinematic dronescapes. This is the underground soul of the city of Angels made flesh to soundtrack that big Panambient sleep. It’s the new style, one where the revolution occurs from the horizontal position.