lady eve

Location: Florida
Affiliation: The Konspiracy Group
Style: Ambient, Chill Out, D’n’B, Southern Breakbeat Funk, Minimal Techno

Recognized in the industry as a woman who has kept true to her goal of promoting and creating inspiring and thought-provoking music, Lady Eve isn’t about to let up anytime soon. Around the world and back again, she has continued to make waves on-air with hosting radio shows all over the globe, producing events (Richard Devine, Pieter K, Kode 9, Pan Ambient, etc), and spinning at an ever-expanding array of shows across North America and Asia.

From classical beginnings as an oboist to creator of the global Pan Ambient events, Lady Eve’s influences are diverse…from The Orb, Debussy, and Maslanka to Inner City, Amon Tobin, and T Power. “I love music that touches the soul and engages the mind.”

Behind the decks Lady Eve plays with the opposite ends of the musical spectrum. Taking the audience on a journey, she weaves a blissful chill out vibe at lounges and ambient spaces, and infuses bodies on the dance floor with drum ‘n bass, melodic techno, and bass heavy electro.

Moving into the studio, she has been broadcasting to the world since 1994 via WRAS, WABE, CBC, FM Cancun, and CFRO (among guest spots throughout North America). Since the Fall of 2010, Lady Eve hosts a live stream of Pan Ambient FM via London’s FNOOB.COM radio network. In production collaboration, she records and performs her oboe and spoken word alongside Vancouver’s Gunshae, London’s HFB, Mexicali’s Fax, Yokohama’s Hataken, San Francisco’s Kim Cascone, and many other producers around the world. Her solo productions have been featured on releases from TKG Music.

As far as press goes she’s been on it from the beginning with, two reviews in URB Magazine, Pitchfork,,,, and been featured on CBC Radio 1′s “GO” discussing electronic music bridging with classical music. Lady Eve’s radio show for CBC Radio 3, “Electric Concerto”(which rebroadcast on their Best of 2004 show), further linked classical music with electronic music, featuring Bjork, Tomito, Akiyama, Reich, Glass, Stockhausen.

In the grand scheme of things, Lady Eve just wants to progress the medium. Her mentoring has been seen through Vancouver’s Rhythm Institute, where she has taught students of all ages about the music industry and how to mix music via turntables and laptop. She is also very active with community outreach, and has worked with youth at the Musqueam First Nations Centre, Surrey’s Digital REMIXX project, and in the City of Richmond. She was one of the founding members of Reverse, a network of like-minded female multimedia artists in Vancouver who collaborated, inspired, and produced events. In Atlanta, she managed the DJ based live ensemble, Safari Sound System, which fused live instrumentation, vocalists, and visuals, centered around the DJ.

Forward thinking in sound, mind and vision, Lady Eve is one of those individuals making the next level precisely what it is.


La Vida Bendecida: techno 2010
Dreaming in a Hinterwonderland ambient/classical 2005
Live At Soundwave: Lush downtempo for beaches 2006
Garden Eccentrics: Tweaky, abstract D&B 2005
Thunder Alchemy: Three Deck D&B 2004
Stanford Is Burning : Ambient on Four Turntables w/ Kuma, live on KZSU, Stanford, California. 2004


Lady Eve- “Lotus Land” on the Panambient Dim Sum compilation (TKG Music 007)
Lady Eve- “Meiji Sunbeams”  on the Panambient Bento compilation (TKG Music 002)
Gunshae- Traveling Without Memory (TKG Music 001)
Gunshae- “Deeper Down” on the Panambient Bento compilation (TKG Music 002)
Gunshae- “Sound Washed Ashore In Tokyo (Bare Remix)” on the Panambient Bento compilation (TKG Music 002)
Gunshae- “Tony, Maggie and Faye (Bristolian Winds Uptown)” on the Panambient Dim Sum compilation (TKG Music 007)
Abunaii- “Angels (Motomasamix)” (TKG Music 002/TKG Music 003)


The Blood Of Heroes- “Wounds Against Wounds” (Gunshae’s Sunset Over English Bay Remix) (Ohm Resistance)
The Watersons- “Christmas is Now Drawing Near” (The Acid Folk Remix Project) (CSAF Records 104DL)