Location: Tokyo, Japan
Affiliation: Reality Sandwich/TKG Music/Waveshaper
Style: Global Chillage

Hataken has been creating music since the early 80’s, and has collaborated with renowned producers from all over the globe, including Richard Sharpe of the Shamen (as Ken Machines), DJ Olive (with Dr. Atomo as Belotone) and Gunshae’s Lady Eve.

Hataken’s improvisational electronic jazz group with saxophonist Daisuke Fujiwara, Quartzhead, plays regularly in Tokyo and was featured artists at the SXSW festival. 2011 saw the inception of his collaboration with artist and videographer, Masashi Kitazano, as the conceptual duo Reality Sandwich.

Hataken continues to push his sounds only ever forward with performances alongside The Irresistible Force, Jonah Sharp, Move D, and as the featured chill out artist at Portugal’s BOOM Festival.



Reality Sandwich
Hataken’s Soundcloud