Locations: Vancouver/Cancun
Affiliation: The Konspiracy Group/Ohm Resistance
Style: Live Ambient Drift

Gunshae (pronounced Gun-shai) is the Panambient project of Canadian dubstep pioneer, Kuma, and renowned Oboist and DJ, Lady Eve.

Bridging a gap between two very distinct contemporary practices, Gunshae is what happens when a classically trained musician and a veteran DJ and producer with a thing for improvising jam on the sound of stuff and things.

Gunshae is live ambience at its most beguiling, an exploration of the grey area between electronic and classical musics.

It’s molten woodwinds and Satie in dub. It’s heavy drones and show tunes played by a band sitting on a veranda with Wong Kar-Wai. It’s discrete music for the wifi generation.

Tossing aside classical music’s obsession with adherence to the written score and live electronic performance’s stereotype of one guy behind a laptop checking his email, both members of Gunshae have been known to start the show on stage and finish up in the audience. Gunshae are not your average sound art duo or ambient performance act.

Breaking down barriers between audience and performer, Gunshae is as happy in the chill out room as it is the art gallery or concert hall. Each performance is completely unique, site/audience specific and completely devoted to embracing the moment.

These are Cascadian lullaby makers, crafting soundtracks made for trans-continental smudged sunsets.

Gunshae: The Sky Is A Gateway, Not A Ceiling (TKG Music)
Gunshae: Out Of Darkness, Light (Ohm Resistance)
Gunshae: The Lost Cascadian Suite (Panospria)
Gunshae: Traveling Without Memory LP (TKG Music 001)
Various Artists: Panambient Bento (TKG Music 002)


Fax “Circles” (Gunshae’s Cuija Remix) (Sem)
The Blood Of Heroes “Wounds Against Wounds” (Gunshae’s Sunset Over English Bay Remix) (Ohm Resistance)


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A History Of Invocations (Purpose Built For Symbiosis Episode 42)