Your original home for dub that steps, future bass and sound system science would like to welcome the newest additions to the Konspiracy Group family.

Kid Kameleon
[Mashit, Shockout, Press Up, XLR8R, SF]

Kameleon is a beat strategist who blends, chops, restructures and generally smashes rhythms from across the sonic spectrum. From breakcore and ragga-jungle to dubstep and grime, with stops along the way at dub, dancehall, hip-hop, DnB, electro and the straight up unclassifiable, he’s a champion of underground sounds and outsider music. The Kid has dropped his fast-paced, eclectic style at parties from California to Estonia, sharing stages with the likes of Kool Herc, U-Roy, DJ Spooky, Asian Dub Foundation, Alec Empire, Squarepusher, The Bug, Vex’d and Plasticman, and many more, and a super scientifical Ableton Live set that’s nothing short of a sonic mindwarp is in preparation for the Summer ‘06 tour. An avid blogger (kidkameleon.com and riddimmethod.net), he also writes a monthly column called Basic Needs for XLR8R magazine as well as doing interviews for them and Grooves. His mixes have garnered praise in publications like pitchforkmedia.com and URB and he’s currently working on a mix for the Ragga Jungle label Press Up Records that will see release in the late Spring. Kid K – Always up to date, never out of style…


[Death$ucker, Havocsound, SF]

“Rhythmic danger in overdrive… Rootical rally-cry uproar.” – Simon Reynolds on DJ Ripley

Ripley has caused total dance mayhem in spaces like a re-purposed public lavatory underneath a street in East London, a former commercial fishing ship off the cost of Rostock, an (initially) laid-back lounge in Oakland California, a half-squatted office space in downtown Riga, the basement of an Indian restaurant in Bristol, as well as warehouses and clubs in most places you’d think and some you wouldn’t. Her wreckstep raggaphonics spill over and rumble under into dubdownbreak sound experiments and bounce back into nastybeast beats. Ripley’s fierce intellect and raw energy spark new uprisings and unseat preconceptions in the company of artists like Hrvatski, Kid606, Blevin Blectum, Dizzee Rascal, Kaffe Matthews, Bong-Ra, Criterion, Drop The Lime, and Dr. Israel. In the world of letters, Ripley also examines global property systems through the lens of law and history, shouting out Scientist’s lawsuit against Greensleeves and the RIAA’s raid on Mondo Kim’s, while Grooves magazine cautioned listeners to miss her Ich Bin Defekt mix on Death$ucker Records at their own risk. Ripley wants everyone to dance.


With your FWDSND Series residents

Kuma: Fuzzydancing.
Lady Eve: Southern bounce, shattered snares.

Video-In Studios
1965 Main St.
Doors at 10pm.