May 5th, 2006.
Video-In Studios.

Twisting up the lines once again, The Konspiracy Group brings you…

T-Power (Digital Soundboy, UK)

It makes sense since we’re currently booking for him that we bring the man through an evening of anything goes madness on our usual massive sound system..

Coming this spring, Marc Royal begins the next wave in sound, with his two part album, ‘Music4Life.’
He has been many incarnations throughout the years, and his upcoming release proves his diversity even more. Straight off the heels of the recent EP ‘Diary of A Digital Soundboy’ with Shy FX, he’s switching it up again with a sonic push forward. First coming to prominence working with hardcore techno group Bass Selective, whose 1991 hit “Blow Out Part II” was an influentialproto-jungle track. He’s since risen to new acclaim as a solo artist with an experimental blend of lushambience and often over-the-top rhythmic complexity. His 12-inch ‘Mutant Jazz,’ as well as the full-length ‘The Self-Evident Truth of an Intuitive Mind’ are widely considered early masterpieces of ambient-jungle, and did much conceptual trailblazing where jungle’s absorption of jazz and other more measured, relaxed compositional elements are concerned. Although subsequent work has strayed from jungle’s rhythmic syncopation into breaks and ambient (Atomic Dog, Chocolate Weasel, Agent BLK, Ebony Dubsters), drum’n’bass remains the core element of much of T Power’s music.

“I believe that you have to keep looking back to move forward,” says Marc Royal. His upcoming release, Music4Life combines his influences over the years to create a timeless, diverse spectrum of music ranging from 88 BPM to 160 BPM. My only desire is to be able to express myself 100% via the medium of sound. I want to know how to do everything, hence writing lyrics and singing. When I get that down, I’ll move on to instruments, as they are still nigh on impossible to replicate via a computer when it comes to more complex playing styles.” – T Power.

With Forward Series Residents
Eve (TKG, Vancouver)- Abstract Rinse session
Kuma (TKG, Vancouver)- Black hole of dub

10 p.m. to 2 a.m.
$15 at the door.