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LESSONS IN BASS WEIGHT: November 19, 2005

Kode9 (Rephlex/Hyperdub/Tempa)-London

Without a doubt, this millenium should be remembered as a breakthrough year for Kode9. The dubstep scientist made waves on the underground this year by launching his Hyperdub label with the groundbreaking tunes Sign of the Dub, Stalker and most recently Spit. Known for a sub-fuelled, skanked out sound his beats can also be heard on the second Rephlex Grime release, a compilation that features a hand-picked bunch of the scenes most talented producers. DJing the top parties, and holding a coveted primetime slot on Rinse FM, he has also been working quietly behind the scenes spreading the potent hyperdub virus for some time.

Angst vs Michael Red (4 Deck Ultimate Ragga Death Match)

Bloodclaaaaaaaaaaaat! We’ve taken two of the city’s most potent ragga selectors and told them to bring out the heaviest, the most ridiculous, the most potent weapons in their bags for this one night only, no holds barred event. Red vs Angst. Ragga clash of the titans!

Tusk (dancehall/sublow/bass madness)

Fear Jamie, for he will fuck you up. He might pull out the computer and play live grime. He might hammer the underwater dancehall. He may light something on fire. Whatever the case may be, this man is one of the finest soundsystem Deejays in the city and we are proud to have him baptise the FWD series with his rigsmashingsounds.

W/ FWD series Residents

Kuma (dubdubdubdubdubdubstepstepstep)
Eve (Miami Bass and Dirty Electro, Hurricane Style)

Location: Closer to Downtown Vancouver than you think. Precise details on the day.


It’s on.