Gunshae: A History Of Invocations

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"When people jump through time, they give themselves up to the rhyme and reason of the heavens"

-Julian Cope

After some interesting conversations about what we could do for Australian podcast series, Symbiosis, Kuma went back into the studio and this came out back in 2010.

Originally released on Symbiosis Radio on January 16th, 2010, in the grand tradition of what Gunshae does best, this piece does exactly what Cope's quote says; it jumps through time.

It’s completely improvised ambient, classical and experimental stuff and things. It’s the sort of thing where sets go by in the blank of an eye and jams disappear because we give ourselves up to time and to chance. It just is.

This piece draws on selections from our first album, the multi-track recordings of more than a few songs that ended up on Gunshae's second album "Out Of Darkness, Light" and unreleased jams with Japan’s Hataken. It's a history of Gunshae (at the time). Woven together and completed in one improvised session, this is the way of the Gun in 35 mins.

Gunshae for the purposes of this piece were:

Lady Eve
Aya Oshida
Lee Hutzulak
Rowan Lipkovitz
Vanessa Stovall
Little Jen